Foodie Video Games: Minecraft

Minecraft Food

Many parents think Minecraft is just anther senseless video game about killing and “stuff”.

In some ways it is — but it does have redeeming qualities that make it a good game to play.

For foodie kids, Minecraft has plenty of hunting, farming, cooking, and eating. If you don’t eat, you can die.

When you start playing Minecraft by entering into a Minecraft world, the first few things you do are: find food, mine some coal for torches, and make a bed for sleeping. Food is important – very important: without it, you can starve to death. But there is no junk food, no pizza, and no burgers. This is more primal and, for kids, more real.

In the game, food can either be vegetable, pastry, or meat. You can kill animals to get raw meat, then cook it in a furnace to get steak, cooked chicken, and cooked pork. You can make bread from wheat and soup from mushrooms. You can grow melons, make cookies or cake, and eat them with milk.

In the game, a player can download a modification or “mod”. My favorite mod that involves cooking is one that my friend created. It includes sushi, rice, chocolate milk, (coco beans and milk) salad, sandwiches, potatoes, and chicken soup, and “zombie kabob.” There are also “mooshrooms” that live in huge mushrooms – sort of cows with mushrooms on their backs.

There are many free food games on the web. Armorgames, Miniclips, and even Addicting Games have food in them. One of my favorite foodie games on Armoregames is Wasabi, in which players start and run a restaurant.

So, when your foodie kids want to play video games on the internet, steer them to foodie games like Minecraft – you never know what they’ll ask for dinner.

(Parents: Look for the good in games!)

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