Wendy Mass: Candymakers

Hey, kids: if you are nuts about sweets, Wendy MassCandymakers (Little Brown 2010) will be delicious!

Don’t eat the pages: just follow the story of four chocolate-coated kids and discover a sweet world.

The kids are:

  • Miles, a boy who’s an expert on the afterlife
  • Philip Ransford III, scribbling away in his secret notebook
  • Daisy, a pretty girl, who has amazing skills and secrets
  • Logan, the son of the Candymaker (who is owner of Life is Sweet candy company)

A contest is being held to find the best candy of 32 children. To get prepared, the four main characters get a tour of the candy factory, and then get to work. The next day they work and accidentally learn dark secrets that will help them. The next day they go to the contest where only one will come out champion.

The coolest thing is that there are four narratives — one for each character — so you can actually see the story focusing on everything in one part or another.

If you like Oozing Crunchoramas or Neon yellow lighting chew, this is the book for you!

[Check back for a “food flick” about Candymakers tomorrow]


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