Ree Drummond: Charlie, The Ranch Dog

On the back cover of Ree Drummond‘s Charlie, the Ranch Dog (Harper Collins 2011), the author writes: “He loves bacon, napping….and bacon. (Did I mention he loves bacon?)” And there is bacon on top of the dog food in one of Diane deGroat‘s cute illustrations of the Basset Hound Charlie.

But the odd thing about this funny story is the recipe at the back of the book. It is the Pioneer Woman’s (and Charlie’s) Favorite Lasagna.



No bacon?!

That detail didn’t get by me, and it won’t get by little kids either. Littler than me — and I’m ten.

This book is fun, but it would be a lot better if there were recipes inside the story, or if the Pioneer Woman had chosen a recipe for dog food or bacony-dog treats.

I don’t even like lasagna — but I do like bacon!

And there’s this other dog in the book. She’s a terrier called Suzie, she doesn’t get a recipe: how come?

She could have added labels in the illustrations for the ingredients of the lasagna – tomatoes, cow (for the beef and cheese), parsley, basil, eggs (chickens) and so on, since they are all pictured in the book.

I like this book, but it could be better.

(Image of Ree Drummond from Southern Living)

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