Junk Food Junkie: Larry Groce

Once upon a-time, a few decades ‘afore ours in the here and now, a Texan named Larry Groce had hisself an idea-r fer a song.

In those days, there were people pushing something called “Health Food”. (Remember Euell Gibbons?)

Anyhow, there was this feller, name of Larry Groce, and he got just a tad fed up with a kind of self-righteousness that seemed to go along with them Health Food nuts. So, he thought and thought and he thought some more. He thought about the country songs he knew, and the folk songs he knew. He thought about Woodie Guthrie and his son Arlo Guthrie. And in the end, he distilled all those spirits into a song all his own that swept the nation.


Junk Food Junkie
Time: 03 minutes 27 seconds

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