Resistance: War on Bacteria

Resistance 2014 film

After tracking the development of Resistance for some time, SUPER CHEF finally attended a screening of Resistance by filmmakers Michael Graniano and Ernie Park, who produced Lunch Line (see previous story).

Uji Films adds to previous public reportage, such as Frontline‘s “Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria.” Unlike Frontline, however, this independent movie is wiling to advocate more strongly for change. And the filmmakers once again have an eye on the Federal Government, prodded by outspoken member (and microbiologist), Representative Louise Slaughter (who appears in the film and spoke after its screening).

This is a subject of the gravest kind–in the most literal of Shakespearean kinds (“Tomorrow, I shall be a grave man”–dead–as Mercutio says in Romeo and Juliet.) Representative Slaughter is firmer: “Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

Here is the trailer: the movie is coming to a theater near you soon (check here for schedule).


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