Unlimited Soda: Red Robbin vs. Dairy Queen

Red Robin bottomless soda and food campaign January 2014

If you had to choose, where would send your kids to eat: Red Robin or Dairy Queen?

Perhaps you don’t see any difference between the two restaurants. They are both fast food joints. (Maybe you hope your kids won’t eat much at either, at all…)

But there is an important difference:

  • Red Robin introduced a new kids’ menu that includes unlimited (“Bottomless”) soft drinks (like soda and lemon aid).
  • Dairy Queen is removing soda from kids’ menus as of September 1st, 2015.

Both announcements ironically came in the same daily Nation’s Restaurant News SmartBrief today.

Normally, Super Chef ignores the fast food scene unless a celebrity chef is involved with the menu.

But it is hard to ignore the damage that sugary sodas do to kids.

Look around at obese America and think about the costs in healthcare, shorter lives, poor performance in school, and other issues that arise from our kids guzzling unhealthy sweetened drinks.

Red Robin is including salad on it’s menu, but that doesn’t excuse the mistake of offering unlimited sugary drinks along side. And more, besides, ever since January 2014:

Red Robin Celebrates 20 Years of Bottomless

Go bottomless! We’ve been doing it for years with our Bottomless Steak Fries™ and Bottomless Freckled Lemonade®. And more menu items have joined in the fun over the last 20 years. Now, you can endlessly enjoy Sweet Potato Fries, Steamed Broccoli, Coleslaw and Side Salad when you substitute them for Bottomless Steak Fries™. We’re also celebrating two decades of Bottomless beverages by revealing one of the best-kept secrets at Red Robin…the Bottomless Root Beer Float.

So don’t be shy. Go Bottomless!

Kudos to Dairy Queen for soda bye-bye; shame on Red Robin for bottomless soda.

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