Foie Gras Wars: Global Demand

Foie gras with sea urchin uni

Not all the news is gloomy in the foie gras world.

Asian countries like Hong Kong, Vietnam, and South Korea are leading the way to higher demand for this rich delicacy. While EU sales are continuing to grow, up 12% last year, non-European sales are even more buyant. RFI reports that French production grew 1.3% in 2014 to 19,300 tons.

The first four months of 2015 confirm the trend with exports up 3% over the period, and by 11% outside the EU, with new markets in Asia such as Taiwan which bought 11 tonnes.

A federal judge struck down the California ban on foie gras in early 2015, though the state’s attorney general appealed the ruling. If the ban is lifted, Californian demand for foie gras could increase. Good news for foie gras farms in France and the US.

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