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Princess Tea, by Janeen Sarlin Throwing a party for kids (or, for that matter, adults) is about more than just the food. Kids need activities, decoration, and food — and the food had better be well presented. Janeen A. Sarlin with Noelle Shipley‘s Princess Tea: Parties and Treats for Little Girls (Chronicle 2009) include everything from food to fun in a pretty little book about eight different tea parties.

This is a personal book written by two women, inspired by one of the women’s grandmother (cookbook writer Sharon Shipley) who wanted to write a book about princess teas for her grandchildren. The idea is simple:

Each tea party has five components: teas and juices, costumes, crafts and activities, recipe, and decorations. Remember that all theses can be customized and changed, and the themeses may be seen as catalysts for the creative ingenuitiy of you and your princess. (p. 9)

This is a book to share with a special little girl, and let her decide what to make and what to do at the party.

Janeen Sarlin Since so much tea comes from China, it’s appropriate that the first party is Lotus Princess Tea (pp. 13-22) featuring a Chinese motif. The suggestions for decorations include paper lanterns, yellow chrysanthemums, and teacups without handles. The activity (p. 16) is to decorate and make paper fans. Each party includes a mix of savory and sweet recipes, so little girls can eat a balanced meal. The recipes include Steamed Vegetable Wontons (p. 17) Chinese Barbecue Drumsticks (p. 20), and Green Tea Ice-Cream Parasol Princesses (p. 21). There are plenty of very cute pictures of little girls in their party best by Sheri Giblin. For the Lotus Princess Tea, the girls are in Chinese costumes, and there are photos of Chinese slippers and fans and pretty teapots.

The other party themes are Underwater, Cowgirl, Fiesta, Country Garden, Indian, African and Fairy Princess Teas. That should be enough to get through the princess years.

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