Ayala’s Herbal Water


Ayala’s Herbal Water retails for $24.00 for a case of 12 bottles, 16 ounces each — that’s $2 per bottle.

That kind of water is not cheap — so, how good is it?

Super Chef testers tried all six flavors and have a one-word summary: “clean.”

Ayala Laufer Cabana, a pediatrician and herbalist, created them. They have zero calories but plenty of powerful taste.

The six flavors are: lemongrass + mint + vanilla, lavender + mint, mint + lavender, clove + cardamom + cinnamon, ginger + lemon peel, and lemon + verbena + geranium.

They range from sweet (lemongrass + mint + vanilla) to decidedly unsweet (lavender + mint). Some work better than others. The mint + lavender and clove + cardamom + cinnamon have the most distinct, interesting tastes. The lemongrass + mint + vanilla is also distinct but somehow far sweeter than the others (and less refreshing). Lowest ranking (to our tongues) were the mildly sweet-tasting flavors of ginger + lemon peel and lemon + verbena + geranium.

The outstanding flavor was lavender + mint. It was so clean to the palate, it seemed to transport the imbiber instantly to a spotless beauty spa, all in white… Now, that may not be what most people want when they take a swig from a two-dollar bottle of water, but fashionistas are likely to find Ayala’s Herbal Water more enticing than rival, store-bought waters like… Aquafina?

Think of these waters as an extension of the flavor profiles of dishes. Would you pair a clove + mint + vanilla water with a deconstructed rice pudding, or drink it hours later so that you can recall the taste?

We incline to the latter.

Super Chef sees real potential market share for this water.

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