Holiday Gifts: Fusionwood Steak Knives

What do Super Chef and Paula Deen have in common?

New West knives.

Super Chef recommended knives from New West KnifeWorks as clever and useful St. Patrick’s Day gift.

Paula also recommends the knives in an article in her magazine.

For this holiday, Super Chef checked out the New West knife selection again, and this time chose the Fusionwood steak knives. After all, why have a box of excellent steaks sent over as a holiday gift, and not the steak knives to go with them?

The steak knives are chock full of holiday cheer. The Flamenco in rich pink, purple, and orange hues and the Jessica in brown, green and blue, are fun and handsome. The knives come in handsome leather holsters to keep them safe in your knife drawer. They feel well balanced and, of course, they cut a good steak with style.

To check out the Fusionwood and other knives produced by New West KnifeWorks, click here.

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