White House Veggie-gate?

The press seems to have found a bone to pick with Iron Chef over its January 3rd special White House competition.

Turns out that vegetables picked from the White House garden weren’t used for the competition. Instead, they were given away to a local food kitchen. Vegetable “impersonators” (!) were substituted for the show that was filmed in New York days later.

So, what is the problem?

Is this really so surprising? Has the press forgotten that “reality TV” doesn’t mean true?

Should we not congratulate the White House for properly donating the vegetables rather then letting them go to waste?

Should we really berate the Food Network or the White House for not admitting they switched the vegetables?

Would it not be better to ask – what happens to the unused, uneaten remains of all those dishes prepared in the Iron Chef stadium kitchen?

Are those dishes given to hungry, deserving New Yorkers?

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(Photo: Food Network via White House)

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