Marco Pierre White: Cruise Classes for Kids

How important is it to build up a consistent image? That depends…

Would you let your kids take a cooking class with Marco Pierre White, the notoriously hotheaded, foul-mouthed, abusive chef? If you don’t know much about his personality, read his autobiography (click here for Super Chef‘s review).

It turns out that Marco is offering cooking lessons to children in his restaurant, The White Room, on the P&O cruise liner The Ventura.

According to The Telegraph:

The first lessons will be during a half-term Caribbean cruise departing from Barbados. There will be up to three classes a day for up to eight children at a time. Dishes on White’s “mini’s menu” include Marco’s mother’s tomato pasta and Marco’s fish fingers for children, aimed at children who refuse to eat fish unless it comes from the freezer. The junior chefs will also be challenged to taste spicy foods.

How will Marco behave?

Will he be consistent with his image?

How will he control his temper when the dishes don’t come out just right?

Parents, be warned, your kids might pick up a swear word or two along with a few cooking skills.

(Photo: Telegraph)

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