Foie Gras War: Thomas Keller

A new front has opened in the Foie Gras War. The question is: which side is the front on?

Crain’s reported that:

On Saturday, May 8, the Animal Protection & Rescue League of San Diego will hold protests outside Mr. Keller’s upscale restaurants in New York City, where he operates Per Se and Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Center, and in California.

So far, the response is muted:

The Thomas Keller Restaurant Group said they “make extremely conscientious decisions regarding all suppliers with whom we work, and our chefs … source from the most ethical purveyors possible.”

Foie Gras supporters must be anxious. Finally, the anti-foie gras forces have attacked a chef of international status. But which way will he lean? Some brave chefs and restaurateurs have fought the protesters, and most have given in to their demands. The pro-foie gras forces lack one important thing that the anti-foie gras forces have in abundance: a celebrity spokesperson. Thomas Keller could fill that role, letting his customers decide if they want foie gras or not, rather then a group of protesters. But many of his celebrity clients are already on the other side. Wait and see what he decides to do.

(Image of Thomas Keller courtesy of Napa Vintners)

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