Cris Comerford: White House Guest Chefs

In 2005, Super Chef was the first media outlet to predict that Cris Comerford would become the White House Executive Chef.

Cris remains a great choice. She combines experience with a great personal story that echoes the immigrant experience of many Americans. In our (humble) opinion, First Lady Michelle Obama did the right thing in keeping her as top chef at the White House.

Before Super Chef ran a readers’ poll to choose the White House chef, we ran an article to choose guest chefs. Recently, the press is talking about Cris’s role diminishing as guest chefs cook more and more state dinners.

To the contrary, Super Chef lauds this trend in the White House. Inviting guest chefs is a great way to highlight the excellence of the American restaurant scene. What Cris may lose in workload is by far made up by all her other duties in the White House vegetable garden and cooking non-state dinners. Besides, she is still the top chef and gets media attention by the fact that there are more celebrated chefs present who want to work with her.

Go, Cris!

(Image of Cris Comerford and Bobby Flay come from the White House, courtesy of the Food Network)

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