Spatulatta Cookbook

You need help in the kitchen?

Your kids have time on their hands this summer?

Let them in!

There are plenty of cookbooks to guide kids safely through the kitchen, including one written by and for kids: The Spatulatta Cookbook (Scholastic 2010) by Isabella and Olivia Gerasole, the two girls behind, the internet site that launched their careers. The book has all the right stuff – plenty of pictures of the girls cooking, eating, and goofing around – plus some of the recipes are fine for adult tastes. Their cookbook just might inspire your kids to start their own web site, club, or write their own cookbook.

The book starts with helpful basic skills, including a few paragraphs on setting the table. Adults will probably have to show kids how to separate eggs and grate cheese, but reading these sections will help them get the idea.

The recipes are organized according to the four seasons, with sweet and savory recipes lumped together. Some of the recipes are on the too-cute side like Wiener Weenie Dogs with vegetable heads and ears (p. 63), while other are straight forward like Papa’s Pesto( p. 55) and Caprese Salad (p. 56). There is a back story to each recipe – many are from the girls’ parents or family friends. There are only ten recipes in summer, so there is plenty of time for your kids can master them all and make them over and over again.

The is a spiral-bound cookbook with plenty of room for recipe notes. It is too bad they didn’t include lunch dishes for school boxes – but then, of course, there’s plenty for another cookbook.

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