Michael Batterberry, RIP

Michael Batterberry (1932-2010) died last Wednesday. He provided provocative ideas and background for both the profiles of chefs in the book, Super Chef, and articles in this magazine.

Michael Battterbury was my friend, and I feel very sad sad to have lost him. I worked for him and Food Arts magazine for many years — and I still do.

Recently, I was working on a story about an exchange program I organized between Le Perche, France, where I live, and the Hudson Valley, New York. Michael knew both places well. He had visited and stayed with us in Claverack in upstate New York and in Condeau, France. He loved both places and encouraged me to write about them over several years.

In fact, whenever I traveled to far away countries, I would first go to Michael and tell him about my projects. He was always curious, interested, and open-minded. He knew right away how a story should be shaped and what I should be looking for when I went abroad.

Michael was fun to be with, to talk to, and work for. He and Ariane were a great team and very good friends. I will miss him but through his magazine his spirit will live on.

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