Legacy: Michel and Sebastien Bras

In Hollywood it is common for the children of stars, directors, and producers to go into the “business” and some become as famous as their parents. What about the food business?

If you ask chefs why they chose to cook for a living, many of them will point to a father, mother, or grandparent who was passionate about cooking. Some will even be the children of cooks or chefs. But very few have a celebrity chef parent, mostly because American chefs have only been recognized celebrated in the last 40 years. Marc Forgione, son of Larry Forgione is a notable exception.

The situation is different on the other side of the Atlantic, where chefs have been celebrated for much longer – centuries. Case in point is Michel Bras‘ son Sebastien, who is taking over his restaurant.

There has been no great handover, since the restaurant will continue to serve Michel’s famous dishes, while introducing the son’s additions. The Independent published an AFP article on the change that is worth reading for any young chef. Sebastian did go to culinary school. He also worked for chefs Pierre Gagnaire and Michel Guerard returning to his father’s restaurant in the 1990s.

: “My father never spared me. Those were tough times. When your old man is scolding you and 20 odd guys are snickering behind your back,” he said, making a face. But today “what I know, I owe to myself. My skill belongs to me, I can lead the kitchen by force of example”.

The children of celebrities have to work just as hard (or harder) to master their craft.

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(Image of Michel and Sebanstian Bras from Dining in France)

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