Holiday Gifts: High Plains Bison

What’s the beef in a Thanksgiving turkey?

Who cares when there is bison on the grill!

Want to bring your host something other than another side dish or dessert? What would they appreciate most?

After turkey day, followed by days and days of turkey (and more turkey), perhaps they might find themselves hankering for something a bit more… red!

And what could be more American than bison?

Here is a label to consider if you go hunting for bison: High Plains Bison produced by Golden Bison Company, LLC.

Super Chef recently sampled the following:

  • Bison NY Strip Steak: Meaty, tender, and “bison-y” -– that is, it tasted like richer yet leaner beef
  • Bison Italian Sausage: Spiced with provolone and pepperoncini, superb hot off the grill, a bit heavy after they cool
  • Bison Dogs: Snappy and full of flavor, pleasurable for kids — or football-tailgating crowd

The maker promises:

Our bison roam the plains and prairies, grazing on wild grasses, sagebrush, and other native vegetation. What they don’t graze on are hormones, antibiotics, or fillers. This is pure, honest red meat with no artificial ingredients whatsoever.

In bison, calories, fat, and saturated fat run lower than in beef, pork, chicken, and salmon for most cuts.

Move over, turkey! It’s time to think over the choice of American meat for Thanksgiving.

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