Valentine’s Day: Me & Goji Cereal

Remember Blondie singing “All I want is a picture of you…” (“Picture This“)

For Valentine’s Day, paste that wonderful picture of love on a morning box of healthy cereal. A personalized box from me & goji includes a mixture of granola and your choice from over 60 ingredients from cocoa almonds to dried raspberries and goji berries. Then you name your creation and you upload a picture of your squeeze for the label. Your unique cereal arrives in a “Cereal Capsule” (like a taller, thinner version of a Quaker Oats box) perfect for a breakfast tray with orange juice, milk, and a rose.

The ingredients are all natural, unprocessed with no added sugar. This is a great Valentine’s idea for your granny or your kids – anyone who loves a big bowl of something good to start the day with a reminder of how much they are loved.

Click here to get started.

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