Duff Goldman: Ice Cream Aces His Cake

Who gets their cake and icing — and then gets to add ice cream before eating it, too?

If you were thinking “Marie-Antoinette” (more precisely Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna, Archduchess of Austria and Queen of France and Navarre), you would be exactly — wrong!

She was the lady said of the starving French peasants (or “the wretched of the earth” as l’International once proclaimed), “Let them eat cake!”

If you were thinking “Duff Goldman,” you would be exactly — right!

Especially if that ice cream carries the Blue Bunny brand. (One hopes that neither branding nor blue dye hurts the bunny too much…)

Yes, as reported earlier this week, the Food Network star of Ace of Cakes has cut a deal with the little Blue Bunny to boldly go where few chefs have gone before.

Get the low-down from the chef himself, and enjoy.


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