Oxfam Cookbook: Pineapples

Super Chef is calling for a new tradition for July 4th bbq dessert: anything with pineapple.


Oxfam has launched a campaign in Australia to raise money for its work in fighting global hunger. Australian chefs have donated recipes for a pineapple-themed Oxfam cookbook, available to download by clicking here.

Why pineapple?

It turns out that drought-resistant pineapple seeds are being used to help communities in Mozambique raise vitamin-rich pineapples. Almost half the children under five are affected by malnutrition, but pineapples can help balance their diets. Farmers will be able to grow a drought-resistance fruit that can bring in revenue to support their families.

Australian chefs like Neil Perry, Matt Kemp and Ben Shewry have donated recipes to the e-cookbook.

So, download a recipe, make a contribution to the Stop Hunger campaign and enjoy the inventiveness of Aussie chefs.

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