Adweek on New York Times Restaurant Critic

How important is Sam Sifton‘s job as New York Times restaurant critic?

Important enough for Adweek to pay attention:

In interviews and emails with Adweek, food world luminaries, from Anthony Bourdain to the night manager at Katz’s Deli, weighed in with their thoughts on who the next critic should be.

How does advertising fit with choosing a restaurant critic?

Restaurants advertise in newspapers and elsewhere. They also use promotions such as bundling a meal with a special event. Newspapers still depend on advertising for their bottom line. Lastly, ad executives spend a lot of time eating out – and New York City is the center of the advertising world.

Who is Super Chef‘s choice?

Anton Ego, of course!

(Feel free to throw in a healthy serving of Ratatouille, please.)

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