Guy Martin: Epicerie Fine

If Thomas Keller were to do a TV show, it would be something like Guy Martin‘s Epicerie Fine on TV5 Monde.

It is a documentary about the best producers of artisinal foods in France. It shows who the French producers are and how and why they do what they do. By focusing on producers, Chef Martin is able to explore specific regions, their cuisine, their people, their flavors — even their accents and architecture.

Super Chef caught the premier on Sunday, October 16. Chef Martin travels to Drôme, an enclave of the Vaucluse, between Valence and Avignon. There he follows specially trained dogs who dig for Tricastin black truffles at the roots of giant oak trees. He interviews the farmer like a good journalist, while inhaling the perfume of truffles with relish. He walks with a farmer whose dog digs up one black truffle after another – though he is told that only 10% of the trees ever produce truffles. Then, he explores the truffle market where sales are made at the back of cars and eats an omlet made with truffles. Eggs can capture the flavor of the truffle through their shells.

If you are tired of the same old thing on American food television, this French chef will inspire you to understand why the best ingredients really do matter.

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