Miralda: Edible Newspaper

Antoni Miralda

Is your newspaper tasty?

If you are only reading it and not washing it down at breakfast with a cup of Joe, you might be missing something.

On December 1, get yourself to CIFO Art Space in Miami, Florida for a free to the public art event. Kreemart, “an initiative that supports collective artistic projects” is presenting Digestible NEWS by Miralda/Food Cultura:

Participate in this collective work by making your own edible newspaper. The idea is to encourage people to think about the parallel between consuming and digesting information and consuming and digesting food. The aim is to reflect the urban cultural context and presence at Art Basel Miami Beach on the pages of the “newspaper,” peppering it with a creative, ironic and critical edge.

The Spanish-born performance Artist, Sculptor, and inventor Miralda is one of the most provocative artists around – he challenges our understanding of food, Art, and their relationship to mass culture and media. If you go, tell Super Chef your impressions.

(Image of Antoni Miralda from Flickr)

Photo Gallery:
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