Sierra Club: Safe Sushi App

Safe Sushi app for iPhone

Convenience is good when it comes to choosing mercury-free fish.

Super Chef likes the new Safe Sushi app from The Sierra Club. You can search by type of fish or level of mercury (high, moderate, or low). The idea behind the app is to protect child-bearing women from consuming dangerous levels of mercury, threatening their babies.

According to the Sierra Club press release:

The Sierra Club will celebrate Mercury Awareness Week December 5 thru 11, as President Obama is expected to issue the first nationwide protections against toxic mercury from coal plants on December 16. The mercury protections that President Obama is poised to approve would cut 90% of toxic mercury from coal-fired power plants, and thereby reduce the amount of toxic mercury in many fish – protecting women and children.

Download the app free from iTunes store became available on December 6, 2011.

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