Teen Chefs on the Move!

Teen Chefs on the Move

Super Chef congratulates the Teen Chefs on the Move! graduates – and their instructors. This small program is a joint partnership between the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Office of Food and Nutrition Services, the After School Middle School Program, and the Nation’s Capital Chef’s Association (NCCA). Five chefs tirelessly led the eight-week after school program in two public schools. According to the press release:

Students were taught a variety of culinary competencies ranging from proper sanitation to basic skills to how to prepare fruits, vegetables, and whole grains using an array of cooking techniques. The teen chefs toured a local grocery store to learn how to shop for healthy and affordable food and to see how a grocery store operates behind the scenes.

This week the 40 students will receive an apron, cutting board, measuring spoons, thermometer, and recyclable grocery bag donated by the chefs and the Office of Food and Nutrition Services.

Programs like Teen Chefs on the Move! need more support from the community. With more kids helping to shop and prepare meals in families where both parents work – it is essential that they have cooking skills. Courses like these help prevent obesity and obesity-related diseases. Programs like Teen Chefs on the Move! Fill the void left since most schools no longer teach home economics.

The five chefs who led the program deserve our applause:

Chris Britton CEC, Corporate Executive Chef, Nestle Professional
Ray Riddle CEC, Director of Foodservice, Chesterbrook Residences
Matthew Warschaw, Executive Chef, Hyatt Dulles
Roy Cargiulo, Sales Manager, Keany Produce
Carrie Koebel, Regional Representative, Culinary Institute of Virginia

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