Valentine’s Day: Le Bon Garçon Caramour

Le Bon Garçon

What is new and alluring for a Valentine’s Day sweet? Chocolate is fine, but it is usually hard and a bit bitter – for an aphrodisiac, some might think it lacks a certain warmth and flexibility.

If that’s how you are feeling about chocolate – and love in general – then Super Chef suggests skipping the dark brown stuff and going for gold – or rather golden caramels. Justin Chao‘s Le Bon Garçon has a collection of French-style caramels that are amazingly luxurious, creamy, and soft. His newest caramel is called Caramour, flavored with vanilla and spices. Fill a box with Caramour or choose Mango-Passion Fruit, Macadamian Nut, and Salted – each a subtly different shade of creamy light bronze. A Valentine’s box comes with a pretty card reading “Je t’adore” and individually wrapped caramels that are big enough for several bites shared between lovers.

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