Madhur Jaffrey: Return to TV at 78

Madhur Jaffrey

Is there ageism and sexism in the American Food TV scene?

Julia Child started late in life and continued to appear in TV shows until she was quite old, along with Jacques Pepin — who continues to go strong.

After all, restaurant work takes a toll on chef’s bodies and it is not easy to stand and work with heavy pots and pans. Doing a TV show should be a bit easier. We need to value our older chefs. Their experience and cooking knowledge takes time to gain, and it is not something easily learned in a culinary school. Perky young TV hosts just don’t have it.

But are there enough older faces on Food TV?

Grey haired Paula Deen is 66. And Anthony Bordain is only 54.

Is there enough representation of older cooks and chefs and hosts on air?

In the UK, any ageism claim would be shaken by the announcement that Madhur Jaffrey is returning to the Good Food channel with a new series on the impact of curry on the country’s cuisine according to the BBC.

Although she might not admit to being an older person, at 78 she is certainly older than most TV hosts. Her career as a TV cook began with Madhur Jaffrey’s Indian Cookery in 1982.

Stay tuned for more on her new show.

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