BBC: Martha Payne in Malawi

Martha Payne in Malawi

Martha Payne may not like being in the spotlight, but she deserves it.

The 11-year old schoolgirl from Scotland raised 100,000 pounds for a meal program run by the Scottish charity, Mary’s Meals, for Malawi children through her blog, NeverSeconds on her own school lunches. (See “Martha Payne: NeverSeconds.”)

Get your children and watch the story of Martha. Inspire them with a story about what a single child can do. She turned down offers from publishers and Hollywood. Instead, she and her family traveled to Malawi to see the difference she had made to the lives of many children.

Super Chef salutes Martha Payne.

Here is the BBC piece on the visit:

1 comments on “BBC: Martha Payne in Malawi
  1. Dickson McCunn says:

    Even more impressive when you realise that she is only nine years old – not eleven as you reported. Well done Martha.

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