Quirky: Pluck & Yup, It’s All Made Up

Quirky Egg Yolk Extractor

Your gadget drawer is overflowing and you promised yourself that you wouldn’t buy any more single-use gadgets.

But what about the kids? They’ll be home this summer, rummaging through the kitchen, asking to help. Don’t they get a drawer? And in that drawer, isn’t their room for Quirky’s Pluck – Sunny Side Out?

Say, they want to make Chocolate Mousse and someone need to separate eggs. Get the kids to do it with the Sunny Side Out. The white bulb sucks up the yolk and leaves the white behind. No more frustration for those with little hands (or big ones) that can’t master separating eggs. Plus, it’s fun to watch the bulb do its work and leave egg white without a drop of yellow.

Quirky's _Yup, It's All Made Up_

Maybe your kids will start to wonder about other things they could do better?

Maybe they’ll start saying, “I invented…”

That’s the fun of Quirky’s kids book, Yup, It’s All Made Up (Quirky 2012) by Quirky’s founder Ben Kaufman. It’s a board book with collage pictures by Ben Machado.

Your brain is no different
from Edison’s or Jobs’…
So don’t be like the other knobs.
Their secret to success wasn’t all that MURKY:
They just didn’t mind being called QUIRKY.

Sentiment like that may spur your budding chef to start experimenting and dreaming.

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