The Hundred-Foot Journey: Review

Hundred-Foot Journey - Helen Mirren

Super Chef got a sneak peak at the new foodie film, The Hundred Foot Journey.

Verdict: Go see this film.

Does Helen Mirren (Madame Mallory) make a convincing grand dame of a French one-star restaurant?

Absolutely! She is the proper, snooty, and oh-so-perfectionist proprietor, who bristles when an Indian family buys the property across the street in a stunningly beautiful French village. They open, what to her is, a garish restaurant. More galling is that the family’s son, devilishly handsome, Hassan (Manish Dayal), who is the cook, is highly gifted. He falls for her sous chef, played by Charlotte Le Bon, who introduces him to French cuisine. Eventually, Madame Mallory invites Hassan to train in her establishment and win her a second star. Of course the ingredient that wins that star is not part of traditional French Haute Cuisine.

Go hungry, get hungrier, and find a great restaurant (Indian? French? Indo-French?) for after the movie.

Meantime, see the <strong>official trailer in our Food Flick column.

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