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Super Chef went looking for the perfect holiday gift for a family with toddlers. Sure, a toddler-size toque would be cute, but maybe a bit premature for a kid who hasn’t eaten much more than milk.

The answer: PureJoy Super Food for Superkids.

The Washington DC baby and toddler food company founded by a group of parents – one of whom is a chef – makes remarkably good tasting healthy food for babies and toddlers. The food is available for delivery around the DC region. What makes the food better for your child? According to the website:

The main difference is that we don’t add fillers like water, starch and flour. We also don’t add sugar and salt. We even make our own vegetable broth to ensure that every single ingredient in the food is 100% under our control. Finally, our food is fresh, for all you know, that baby food you buy at the supermarket could be older than your child.

PureJoy VeggieBut what convinced Super Chef that this would make a great gift is the products themselves, like Super Chicken that’s made of chicken breast, Japanese sweet potato and basil or Blue Joy with sweet potato, blueberries, red quinoa, and raisins. It’s tasty enough for adults to enjoy for breakfast. The food comes in glass jars or nifty pouches that resemble something an astronaut might take into space – useful for kids on the run. Super Chef ask Chef Emily Baran about the packaging methods

I tried giving my son the pouch at about 8 months and he ended up squeezing the entire contents on to himself. This was part of him trying to feed himself but it didn’t have quite the same outcome for which I was hoping. However, it can have the potential to teach the child how to control what they squeeze out of the pouch. In the end whether the pouches or the jars are used I think it comes down to what works for the child.

Super Chef also liked the snacks like Baked Kale Chips with Olive Oil and Sea Salt and Granola with Raisins and Coconut. What better way to start out life than with the gift of healthy food?

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