Valentine’s Day: Ardenté Gourmet Stirrer

Ardente Stirrer

Remember the expression: stir the pot? It means keeping an argument going rather than letting things settle. Not a good thing to do in politics, work, or relationships.

Maybe Valentine’s Day needs a little less stirring and little more settling?

But if you are planning to serve your love polenta or risotto, what are you going to do?

Super Chef‘s solution: the Ardenté Gourmet Stirrer. It comes with two plastic blades – one larger and one smaller – that resemble a slender curved wing. Each sits at the bottom of your pot and stirs, so you can do other things in the kitchen. The blades slide onto a long metal shaft, which fits, into a motorized top that rests on pots 9″ to 14″ in diameter. The top clicks easily in place and you just turn a switch to start the blade revolving and preventing anything from sticking. The whole thing resembles something at the back of a motorboat – but it isn’t. You’ll need some extra cupboard space to store the Gourmet Stirrer, but if you like a long-simmering tomato sauce or chili, then this is a nifty tool for you.

And it just might make Valentine’s Day dinner a bit more harmonious.

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