Carla Hall’s Petite Cookies and Cakes

Carla Hall

Tired of shoveling snow and waiting for spring to arrive?

Go enjoy the snow. Reserve a chalet or condo at your favorite ski spot.

But before you go, make sure it is well stocked with après ski goodies. Good wine, cheese, stew, and fresh fruit and vegetables to keep you healthy. But what about treats? After all, you’ll be burning through calories – why not indulge? Order some goodies before you leave so that sweets are there before your first day out on the slopes.

Super Chef weathered a snow storm with the help of Carla Hall. She sent over a care box of her new line of sweets, quickbreads, and petite cookies. The Salted Caramel Banana Bread has just the right balance of banana flavor, moistness, but without the overpowering flavor of butter (it’s there, but tempered by the salty, crunch, sweet glaze). A thick slice and a cup of steaming café au lait would make a perfect breakfast. Then, after a day on the slopes, dig into a luscious Chocolate Cinnamon Tea Cake with a tall glass of milk or a handful of Carla’s petite cookies- these are the size of a square sugar cube, so you can try lots of flavors like Chocolate Hazelnut Praline, Black Forrest Crinkle, or the Oatmeal Cranberry, White Chocolate. And after that warming stew, pour a glass of Calvados and enjoy that Normandy warmth with Oatmeal Cookie Sandwiches and Magic Bars (if you are hooked on the Black Forrest Crinkle cookies and their intense chocolaty-cherry-coffee flavor like Super Chef is).

The goodies arrive frozen, but thaw quickly. The petite cookies are each in their own container. Some are crisp and some are soft and moist and all are oh so addictive. Still, since they are so tiny, you’re never eating all too much. And remember, skiing takes off those pounds! Whatever you don’t eat, makes a perfect car or airplane snack for the way home. Bravo, Carla. Click here to order your own supplies for that ski trip or Spring Break trip to warmer climates.

And that Calvados? Super Chef‘s favorite is Maurice Levier’s Vieux Calvados made by Comté due Perche in the Cave de Vieillessement de Mortagne-au-Perche in Lower Normandy, France – worth the trip to pick some up.

Carla Hall cookies

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