Spring Gifts: Ankomn Savior

Ankomn Savior vacuum container

A new baby in the house means one thing to a foodie: everyone is busy with the baby and no one has time to cook.

So you bring a nice stew over as a thoughtful gift. When you open the fridge to put the stew in, you find out that a lot of other people had the same idea. How many servings of stew can the new family eat?

Luckily, you took an extra special thoughtful step and packed your wonderful stew in Ankomn Savior storage container: “The World’s Most Powerful Non-Electrical Vacuum Sealer.”

Why does SUPER CHEF like this plastic container so much?

It’s looks a lot better than traditional containers, so your design conscious friends will appreciate the extra step.

Savior is made of BPA-free food grade plastic with washable rubber seal.

The square container fits easily into corners and makes it convenient to store a lot of food in your fridge or counter. Once they eat that stew, they can use the cube to store coffee or other foods that loose flavor quickly if kept in ordinary containers. And they can use it over and over again – thinking of you.

The vacuum is simple to work – their baby can do it in eight months or so. You put food in the container, put the lid on, then turn the large knob on the lid to vacuum out the air. When you want to eat the contents, you press the release valve for a few seconds and the pressure is released. It is that simple.

The family can freeze your stew or keep it in the fridge for longer then if it was in a regular container.

So, the only thing you have to remember to do is get one of these Savior containers and keep it for that special gift.

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