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Rocco DiSpirito has hit upon an interesting twist for his new cookbook. According to the AP he is using Twitter and Facebook to get his fans to help him write his book. He tweets questions about what to include, and mines the resulting tweets and posts. This approach makes sense because the book, due in March, is a collection of healthy versions of comfort food, the kind of food many people crave and eat. His fans demand recipes and Rocco writes them.
It’s also a great publicity tool. Wouldn’t you want to buy a cookbook that you contributed to? Wouldn’t you want to buy a cookbook that you helped design?

Take it one step further – if this is a cookbook conceived and, to some extent, created in cyberspace – why doesn’t it remain there? Why would you want to buy a book when you are a tweeter? Is a twitterer a cookbook buyer? Isn’t it easier to get a recipe online then to get it in a book or a magazine or a newspaper?

Do all these twitters add up to a clamoring death knell for cookbooks – at least of the hard-copy variety?

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