Jamie Oliver’s Knitting Kits

What has knitting got to do with chefs? Sheep give meat and wool. We eat the meat in restaurants and what becomes of the wool? In the case of Jamie Oliver‘s restaurant chain, Fifteen, which helps disadvantaged youth by training them in the restaurant business, wool is a source of revenue in support of the Fifteen Foundation. The website sells knitting kits with everything you need to make a egg cosy, scarves, or a beanie.

Here is how it works:

• The lambswool is sourced from Fifteen’s lamb supplier, Elwy Valley lamb, blended with Manx and Hebridean wool
• The lambwool has been spun and organically dyed by The Natural Fibre Company who have kindly created our knitting patterns
• The needles, sourced by The Little Knitting Company, is made of a sustainable wood called Subabul

The kits come with three balls of yarn, in either brown and purple or pink and grey, knitting needles and four patterns to make nifty gifts for the holidays.

What about those cow hides?

Click here to learn more.

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