Mario Batali: Faces of America

Looking for a novel way to get your brand out there and bump up your face recognition with an audience outside the Food Network, NASCAR, and the restaurant-going public in New York and LA.?

Get your genes read.

Mario Batali joins Yo-Yo Ma, Stephen Colbert, and Meryl Streep, among other celebrities who have their genealogies and genetics revealed in PBS’s Faces of America with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. The series premiers on February 10th at 8pm ET. It is a follow up to his two series called African American Lives, in which he determined the tribes and even villages where prominent African-Americans came from.

Super Chef wonders why the producers chose Mario, rather than a chef with a more obscure path. After all, Mario already knows his family was in Italy for centuries. His main question is why his Italian ancestors left Italy after 400 years.

1 comments on “Mario Batali: Faces of America
  1. AD says:

    Obviously, his ancestors left Italy for America so Mario could sell crocs! 🙂

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