James Beard Awards 2010: Batterberrys

Missing from the reportage in The New York Times and elsewhere, is perhaps the most important award of 2010 James Beard – Ariane and Michael Batterberry‘s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Their contribution is founding two of the industry’s most respected and important magazines, both leaders in introducing new chefs and new ideas: Food & Wine and Food Arts.

They have been generous to young chefs, young designers, and journalists. They have promoted women in the industry — not by making a distinction between male and female chefs or focusing one issue a year on them, but by incorporating them into their articles and editorial.

Michael and Ariane: congratulations from Super Chef!

By the numbers, this is another typical year for the awards: it is difficult to find any women’s names, other than the talented pastry chef Nicole Plue of Redd.

Nevertheless, congratulations to all winners and nominees.

(Photo Michael and Ariane Batterberry from PastryScoop‘s pages on Flickr)

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