Bloomberg: Paris Burger Wars

In case you are thinking of a trip to France now that the Euro has fallen off its high against the dollar, be forewarned that the burger craze spawned by the likes of Daniel Boulud‘s DB burger and other high luxe machinations, has crossed the Atlantic big time.

Bloomberg reports on the Burger Battle in Paris as a Ralph Lauren in-store restaurant started selling burgers and local competitors like Coffee Parisien is gearing up for a fight. The article reports that the French are still learning about burgers. Many chefs just cook lean steak tartar, rather then more fatty cuts of ground meat. Still, one thing that resembles the New York market is the prices. The Ralph Lauren’s Black Angus Beef burger is 27 Euros – that’s $34.29 at today’s exchange rate.

Hmm, a sandwich au jambon at the local patisserie sounds pretty good right now.

(Image of Ralph Lauren Burger, courtesy of The High Tea)

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