Djibril Bodian: Best Baguette Baker

What’s up with the French?

A nice, gallicized Senegalese boy wins “best baguette,” and do they celebrate the triumph of French culture?

No, they are embarrassed that a Nègre (“Negro”) has won. If you click on the “related news” links below, you’ll see that the French newspapers don’t even show his face or mention his name in their headlines. Only France24 television (which broadcasts internationally) shows his face. Bigot!

Well, who the hell cares about French racism?

Instead, enjoy a visit with this talented baker.

(And, if you happen to be in Paris, stop by “Le Grenier à Pain” at 38 rue des Abbesses, 75018.)

Djibril, meilleur boulanger de Paris
Duration: 02 minutes 07 seconds

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(Images courtesy of Francophilia, NPR, and Independent)

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