Michelle Obama: Chefs Move to Schools

Michelle Obama will be launching her new program, Chefs Move to Schools, which pairs chefs with public schools in an attempt to improve nutrition and combat childhood obesity. Of course, many chefs have already donated their time and energy to local public schools in their areas and have set up programs to introduce kids to fresh, local food.

Super Chef has been reporting on these efforts for several years, including a recent article by chef Kelly Liken of Restaurant Kelly Liken. About Chefs Move to School, Kelly said:

Combating childhood obesity and teaching the next generation of Americans the importance of nutrition is a cause that is very close to my heart. I am currently working on a project with Brush Creek Elementary School in my own neighborhood on a program called Sowing Seeds, a green initiative that not only teaches kids the benefit of eating well, but also the importance of where our food comes from. I am so proud that our government, with the leadership of the First Lady, has taken this cause on. Their call to action has motivated me to sign up to be a part of Chefs Move to Schools, and I am so excited to integrate the program to expand the Sowing Seeds initiative we already have in the works.

Super Chef will be in attendance at the White House today to hear First Lady Michelle Obama introduce Chefs Move to Schools with a host of chefs from around the country. Super Chef will be reporting on Monday on the event. Stay tuned.

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