Susan Spicer Files Against BP

Normally, Susan Spicer is a friendly, smiling person, a chef with a 20-year history in New Orleans.

Now she has filed a proposed class action suit against BP for damages associated with the Gulf oil spill.

Susan is chef and owner of Bayona and the recently opened Mondo, both in New Orleans.

Bloomberg quotes Susan’s lawyer Serena Pollack:

Much of the plaintiff’s business is based on the unique quality of Louisiana seafood, as well as the chain of delivery of that resource from the initial harvester. Because this chain of delivery cannot be maintained, plaintiff’s business has been and continues to be materially damaged.

That means that Susan’s restaurants must spend more to buy seafood from non-Gulf sources.

Hers is one of 250 lawsuits filed by individuals and businesses against BP and its partners for losses

Other chefs and restaurateurs in the Gulf area affected by the oil spill may try to join the suit or press lawsuits of their own. Only when oil companies face damage done will the petroleum industry help guard the environment against recurrences. Meantime, chefs and restaurateurs need compensation for their losses.

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(Image of bird from Audubon Society of Florida and of Susan Spicer from Spice, In.)

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