Bocuse d’Or USA Magazine & Labor Day Weekend

Are you a big – really big – fan of Thomas Keller?

Then get your hands on the new Bocuse d’Or USA, a glossy magazine produced by HauteLife Press. The first issue – there are two more planned for this year – is entirely on Thomas. It will be available to customers of Thomas, Daniel Boulud, and others, at their restaurants and by mail.

There are articles on purveyors, restaurant design, and profiles of chefs on the culinary councilof the Bocuse d’Or USA. In one article, Thomas explains why he became involved with the Bocuse D’Or and, more importantly, why it is important for American chefs:

When you think about the American culinary scene, it is young. The American chefs of my generation were the first to have any kind of recognition. Before that, the best chefs in America always came from Europe. With my generation we have elevated our restaurant to levels that are competitive with those around the world, and we are starting to think about a heritage and legacy of American culinary tradition.

The American team is led by James Kent and his comis Tom Allan, both from Eleven Madison Park. They’ll be training at The French Laundry in late summer.

If you want to get an idea what James and Tom will be up to in the competition, then sign up for the exclusive Labor Day weekend at The French Laundry. According to the press release:

This special weekend will include a rare dinner in the French Laundry Culinary Garden and a behind the scenes tour at one of the world’s most famous restaurants, The French Laundry. A unique event in a unique setting for the perfect close to the summer!

More specifically, guest will eat in the Culinary Garden, watch a demonstration by Thomas, James and Tom at the CIA campus at Greystone, and then eat at both The French Laundry and Ad Hoc.

The Labor Day weekend and the Bocuse d’Or magazine are meant to raise awareness and funds for the US team competing for the next Bocuse D’Or in Lyon, January 25-26, 2011. Together they emphasize how ready the Americans are to take on the world.

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