BBC: Young and Fat in China

China has one more thing in common with the US: growing obesity problem among children.

The BBC reported on the Aimin Fat Reduction Hospital in Tianjin where children undergo treatment to loose weight.

The article discusses one 12-year-old boy who struggles to loose weight with acupuncture and massage and a new diet. His parents lament that he has long school hours and practically no time for exercise. The one family one child policy has meant that families spoil their children with extra food.

This lifestyle change is documented is a new book by Paul French and Matthew Crabbe, called Fat China: How Expanding Waistlines are Changing a Nation (Anthem 2010). It details changes such as the rise of processed food and supermarkets, and the fall-off in physical activity as people move from the countryside to the cities. “People come to the city and get fat,” said Mr French.

Sound familiar?

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