Duff Goldman: After Ace of Cakes

The very popular Food Network show, Ace of Cakes, is canceled. The 10th season, beginning in January, will be its last. Fans of the show can always watch Ace of Cakes in reruns, but fans of Duff Goldman will want something new.

Duff gave Super Chef a clue to what’s next in a interview last year with Super Chef:

Super Chef: Are you planning on working on other toys or kid’s products? Aprons? Kid-sized tools? A kid’s cooking show on the Food Network?

Duff Goldman: It is being discussed, thought about. The biggest thing is that the Food Network has seen me with large groups of kids. I am a kid myself. They always get me in to those. My feeling is let kids make a mess, I used to watch Julia [Child], like cartoons, I think I can do that with kids, The Food Network has tried it in the past. But they haven’t met anyone else like me; I have been watching a lot of stuff. Why are kids program so stupid? Because we are so condescending to them. They are so much smarter, more intuitive. They can tell when we are talking down to them. When you talk to them like an equal they so respond. Kids can’t lie to you. Right now it is just an idea being tossed back and forth.

Are there any shows aimed at children on The Food Network or The Cooking Channel?

Most of them with the exception of baudy Paula Deen’s Party (see Super Chef‘s review) are suitable for kids. But there are no show exclusively geared towards children. Alton Brown‘s Good Eats addresses many science of food issues, and he often has children guests. But no shows that address the challenges of safety issues, nutrition, or portion size. There is plenty of room to explore how children can learn, play, and create in the kitchen. Maybe the end of Ace of Cakes will hasten a really good show for kids.

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