Holiday Gifts: Golden Star White Jasmine Sparkling Tea

With so many articles on vegan, vegetarian, or Native American alternatives to traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas dishes, Super Chef was eager to find an alternative to the wine that usually goes with a good feast. Of course, there are good hard ciders available from Normandy and even the US (see Distillery Lane Ciderworks: Drink Hard Cider), but what about non-alcoholic drinks that go well with food?

Super Chef tried Golden Star White Jasmine Sparkling Tea. Don’t confuse this with Snapple or some other bottled tea.

Our sparkling tea is hand steeped in small batches using the finest quality tea, sweetened with raw sugarcane juice, and finished with a mild fermentation that combines age-old traditions with modern winemaking techniques.

It is golden yellow and bubbly, much like champagne, and though it isn’t wine, it is in a wine bottle. Golden Star Tea goes amazing well with well-spiced food, from a stir-fry or a curry to a Christmas goose. The sweetness isn’t cloying, but refreshing.

If pairing fine dining food with beer (see eBulli’s Beer: Estrella Damm INEDIT was one of last year’s trends – could sparkling tea and hard cider be 2011’s trends?

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