Distillery Lane Ciderworks: Drink Hard Cider

Can’t get to Normandy this summer or fall to taste the amazing apples, hard cider, Pommeau, and Calvados? Then spend September 4th at the Grand Opening of the Distillery Lane Ciderworks celebrating their first 500 bottles.

A distant cousin of sweet cider, hard cider is made from fermenting the juice of cider apples. It has the taste of the apples from which it was made. There is far too little hard cider available in the US. Move over beer and ale. Super Chef predicts hard cider from small artisinal producers will become the drink of choice in the next few years. Soon celebrity chefs will be clamoring to think up great cider pairings and cider dishes.

The Miller family, who own the farm, already make a flavorful sweet cider and sell a wide range of eating and cooking apples. Their farm is located just outside Burkittsville, a quaint village in Frederick County, Maryland, famous for being the location for the film The Blair Witch Project. Nearby is the South Mountain Creamery where you can stock up on ice cream, meats and milk with the cream on top. They will also be selling and distributing the cider.

Super Chef will be taking a tour of the orchard, watching cider being made and drinking a bottle happily.

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