Holiday Gifts: Starfrit’s Light Cast Iron Pan

A heavy cast iron pan is useful If you find an intruder in your kitchen, or you wanted to pound a piece of veal into scaloppini-thinness – and then cook it to perfection, but is the pan’s weight necessary for good cooking?

It turns out that lighter is just as good. Super Chef tried out one of Starfrit‘s light cast iron pan, an 11 inch fry pan, and found that it cooks just as well as a traditional heavy cast iron pan, without the workout. Starfrit is one of Canada’s leading makers of eco-friendly kitchen and food preparation products. According to the company:

The pans are made using a superior technology that utilizes a metal mold –as opposed to the traditional sand mold. This leaves you with a cast iron pan that is 50% lighter than traditional cast iron. The reinforced ceramic surface is also PTFE, PFOA and toxic fume free.

The pan heats quickly and cook evenly just like regular cast iron. The pans come pre-seasoned and the ceramic surface makes them easy to clean up. Best of all, cast iron can go from stovetop to oven to finish a dish.

Seems that Cat Cora likes Starfrit as well. She’s teaming up with the company, which will launch a Cat Cora by Starfrit line of cookware and cutlery and kitchen tools later this month, to be sold on QVC in January 2011. But the light cast iron pans are not included.

Stay tuned for more on Cat Cora’s line, but indulge now in Starfrit’s light cast iron pan for holiday cooking.


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