Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Game

While the goose is roasting and the cake is baking, Super Chef recommends getting out Wildcraft!: An Herbal Adventure Game from LearningHerbs.com This is a well-thought out, fun treasure hunt board game (ages 4 and up) that will teach you about herbs even when you aren’t aware that you are learning anything.

Wildcraft! includes a story in the instructions to start off the game, as well as a longer story to down load in an eBook off its website, My Forest Kids: The Dandelion.

Wildcraft! is meant to start you thinking about how the plants growing around you might be bale to help you with common aliments like sniffles or cutes. Our experience and research tells us that the plants indicated can really help with each of the aliments they are linked with in the game.

To win the game, you need to collect two pails of blue huckleberries per player and return to Grandma’s house before nightfall. There are plant cards, cooperation cards – the game encourages teamwork – and trouble cards that depict things like wasp stings. The game board is colorful and the plant pictures are well drawn.

The game isn’t meant to teach you how to harvest and use medicinal plants, but the learningHerbs.com and HerbMentor.com websites have a wealth of information including Herbal Medicine Making Kits for kids and adults who want to learn more. All of the plants in the game are edible – just don’t eat the cardboard cards!

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